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Winch Outs & Roll Back Service

This is a picture of a winch outs & Roll Back Service.

A number of events can occur that cause your vehicle to become stuck in precarious situations. Due to extreme elements or unseen barriers, your vehicle could become stuck in a condition that needs professional service to become unstuck. Our reliable tow truck company will be there to conduct a winch out to get your car out safely and efficiently.

We are prepared to provide a winch-out service in the event of the car being stuck in the snow, mud, sand, loss of traction due to uneven pavement, or stuck on a low barrier such as a parking block. We also offer rollback service which is similar to a flatbed, but the tow truck includes hydraulics to help roll the bed back which helps with damaged cars and tight spaces.

Stuck in Snow, Sand, Mud

When your car becomes stuck in the elements, you can call on ZP Towing to help extract your vehicle. Flooding in the area can cause huge mud pits and high waters. When this happens, our certified operators will be there quickly to perform a winch out.

Our number one priority is for you and your vehicle to get out of a sticky situation in the safest way possible. Our first-rate fleet of tow trucks are prepared to handle any elements and situations need to perform a winch-out on your vehicle. At the scene, we will also evaluate if you will need additional towing to another location depending on the state of your vehicle. We will always complete an estimate and put your well-being, the state of your car, and your wallet into consideration.

Stuck on a Barrier

It can be easier than you think for your car to become stuck on a barrier that you did not anticipate. Maybe you forgot that there was a concrete barrier in front of your parking spot, and you pulled over onto it. Now you’re stuck and unable to get out of this scenario without proper assistance. Maybe you pulled in too far onto a grassy area, and you don’t have enough traction to get out.

Whatever you predicament, ZP Towing will arrive quickly to perform a winch-out and get you back on your way.


Going off-roading is a fun activity that is enjoyed by many especially in trucks, SUVs, dirt bikes, and four wheelers. If you decide to take one of your vehicles off-roading, and your vehicle becomes stuck, you can count on our skilled professionals to get you out.

Our towing vehicles are equipped to get your vehicle off of rocks, barriers, mud, and sand. As long as we have an accurate geographical location, we’ll be out there in no time to get you back to this fun pastime.

Roll Back Service

Our tow truck company is proud to offer roll back service. This essentially means that we have tow trucks with a flatbed appearance that are also equipped with hydraulics which helps the bed to roll back.

This service is helpful for damaged vehicles especially caused to one or more wheels. It also helps with tight spaces due to the way the rollback truck maneuvers. In the event of a severely damaged vehicle or tight situation, we’ll send a roll back tow truck to the scene.

San Antonio, TX