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Heavy Duty Towing & Rotator Service

Box truck towing

Another towing service we are pleased to provide is heavy duty towing. Regardless of reason, we understand the undue stress when needing to call for heavy duty towing. There are a lot of factors that come into play: size of the vehicle, location of the vehicle, state of the vehicle.

Our professionals are able to field your questions and analyze the scenario even before arrival. We anticipate a variety of glitches and are quick to problem solve. Our heavy-duty towing service is state of the art to help you out of a difficult situation.

Bus & RV Towing

At Alamo Heights Towing, we are able to provide you with heavy duty towing services for your bus and RV. When the need for a tow truck arises, panic can ensue especially when traveling in an RV with the family.

We are here to provide you with a piece of mind and efficient service to get back on the road. Our skilled technicians are able to help you with routine towing, off-road assistance, roll-overs, and collision related incidents. We want to ensure the best possible outcome when faced with a difficult situation.

Equipment & Machinery

When working on a deadline at a job site, one of the worst things that can happen is one of your pieces of equipment breaking down and interfering with the completion time.

Call on us if you happen to need a towing service for your equipment of machinery. Needing to call a tow truck for heavy duty equipment and machinery can seem like a headache because of the logistics involved. Our professionals have the experience and tools to get your equipment and machinery safely to the intended location whether that’s transporting it to the job site or towing it off site.

Rotator Service

Our tow trucks are equipped to provide you with rotator service when the need arises. Not every tow truck company is able to provided rotator services which is why we are proud to offer this service to help you in even the stickiest of towing situations. Using our sliding rotator, we are able to recover tough jobs.

Our rotator service helps us to execute recoveries easier and more efficiently. Because we are able to offer rotator service, we are able to minimize the number of lanes that need to be closed. This helps us navigate our job in order for our heavy-duty tow trucks to do their job.

Trained Professionals

Heavy duty towing and rotator service requires skill and high attention to detail. Our highly qualified, expertly trained technicians are able to tackle any job regardless of difficulty. We want to ensure your heavy-duty vehicle or machinery is in safe hands. We are able to navigate seemingly impossible situations.

You can rely on us for your routine towing needs, accident recovery, load transfers, and rollovers. We offer 24 hour towing to provide you with around the clock quality service so that you can perform your job effectively.

San Antonio, TX