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24 Hour Towing

Our professionals are on stand-by to answer your calls concerning towing and roadside assistance. We always have someone there to promptly answer your calls and field questions you may have. No more being put on hold and waiting for a machine to prompt you to the correct place.

We ensure immediate response on our end because we understand the dire need of having to call a tow truck company. Whether our services are needed immediately for emergency towing, or you would like to schedule a tow truck to deliver your vehicle to another destination, you will always receive the same, top-notch service. Not only are our certified technicians trained in the art of towing and roadside assistance, they also have excellent customer service techniques.

We promise to be professional and patient during your time of need. At Alamo Heights Towing, we strive to not only be professional in our towing expertise, but also professional in our communication.

We operate as a 24-hour towing facility which means that you can call us at any time to speak directly to a professional. When contacting us, it is helpful to have a geographical location or at least a reference point, so we can get to you as quickly as possible.

We will ask concise questions about the state of vehicle and reason for towing so that we may send the proper tow truck and tools to the scene. Again, we also offer roadside assistance and other specific towing services to help you in a variety of situations.

San Antonio, TX