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24 Hour Service

This is a picture of a 24 hour recovery towing.

The need for towing can arise at any time. It always seems that we need a tow truck at the most inconvenient time which is why we stay open 24 hours to provide you with quality towing services.

Our technicians are waiting on standby to assist you in a multitude of towing services at any time. We make sure to be fully staffed at any time to help you in a flash. Our tow truck company operates to ease your worries; we will always be around to arrive quickly on scene if you end up in a situation where you need a tow truck.

Top of the Line Service

Our tow trucks are the highest quality tow trucks in the area. They are fully stocked to attend to any job needed of a tow truck.

Our towing services blow the competition out of the water! We have every tow truck imaginable for any size and type of vehicle or machinery. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and knowledgeable to fully assist you in your towing needs. We are able to trouble shoot any issues that may arise during loading, transportation, and unloading of your vehicle.  We also have all equipment needed for tricky towing services.

Special Towing Services

Our tow truck company is pleased to offer you 24-hour special towing services that may not be available at other tow truck companies. We offer rotator service to assist you on even the narrowest roads. Our rotator service also ensures that we utilize the least amount of space when towing your vehicle. This means we take up less space on the road to perform our job effectively. Our technicians are also expertly trained and stay up to date with the most effective routes and routines.

Our top of the line services guarantees that you will receive the best towing and recovery of your vehicle. We can also do winch outs for when your vehicle becomes stuck in the elements: snow, sand, mud. If your vehicle becomes immovable due to a roll over or stuck on a barrier, we can assist you. Contact us for any of your special towing needs.

Roadside Assistance

Sometimes the need for a tow truck doesn’t always include towing services. At Alamo Heights Towing, we offer day or night roadside assistance.

We want to ensure that we are available to assist you at all hours of the day or night, to help you get out of a sticky situation. Whether you have a dead battery or you are locked out of you vehicle, our tow truck technicians are ready to help you 24/7.

Low Cost

Our tow truck company wants to ease your mind of calling for a tow truck by offering low cost, competitive rates. We understand the worry of cost over having to call a tow truck company.

That is why we are dedicated to providing round the clock tow truck services at a price that won’t break the bank. We understand that you are already worried about the state of your vehicle, so we make sure you don’t have to worry about your wallet.

San Antonio, TX